• Bloomberg

    Say: “Alexa, openĀ Bloomberg.” You can then ask Alexa to play the Bloomberg minute with the latest financial news. You can also get market updates and stock quotes. And if you have anĀ $229.99 at Amazon, you can watch Bloomberg Live TV.
  • 9Stock Trigger

    Say: “Alexa, openĀ Stock Trigger.” You can get a stock quote, compare different stocks, find stocks based on certain criteria, and ask to be notified via text message if a stock reaches a certain threshold.

    Say: “quote [name of stock],” and you’ll hear a current price quote. Say: “Compare [stock] with [another stock],” and you’ll hear how both stocks have fared lately. Say: “Find stocks where prices dropped by more 5 percent last week,” and you’ll hear a list of stocks matching that criteria. Say: “Notify me if [stock] reaches 10 percent higher,” and you’ll get a text message if the stock hits that level. You can also add stocks and even specific queries to your favorites list.