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Today we have bring to you, 73 Likely Questions From the “ InDependent ” by Sarah Mayinka, That Might Be Asked In The 2018 JAMB Examination.

In Dependent
The questions below are picked from different sources, to consolidate the chances of success of our reader. We advice to read painstakingly, and make sure you study the questions very well, as they might be asked in Jamb examination.
Answers are indicated by this sign (√)
Lets get going
1. “An old man should be contemplating his mortality than dreaming of women” – this statement was stated by who?
a) Tayo
b) Mr. Richardson
√c) Mr. Ajayi
d) Miriam
2. Which day of the week did Tayo leave Nigeria for Oxford in 1963?
a) Saturday
b) Sunday
√c) Monday
d) Tuesday
3. How many people were in the car when Tayo was being taken to Uncle Kayode’s place?
a) three
b) four
√c) five
d) six
4. The names of Tayo’s cousin in England were
a)Modupe and Tunde
b) Tunde and Yusuf
c) Bolaji and Ike
√d) Tunde and Jumoke
5. In 1963, Uncle Kayode returned from abroad as
√a) a senior army officer
b) an engineer
c) a wealthy politician
d) a Professor of English Language
6. ‘You’re off to be a Baliol man’ – who stated this?
a) Tyo’s father
b) Uncle Kayode
c)Ucle Bola
√d) Headmaster Faircliff
7. For what purpose is Tayo travelling to England?
Ans: To take up a scholarship at Balliol College, Oxford
8. What is the name of Tayo’s school in England?
Ans: Balliol College
9. What is the significance of Tayo’s visit to relatives before embarking on his journey to England?
Ans: It is their tradition
10. Through what means of transportation does Tayo travel to England?
Ans: Water
11. Why is Tayo surprised that people do not greet each other in passing in England?
Ans: Because in Nigeria, so much value is attached to greetings
12. In what subject did Bisi receive the highest honours?
Ans: Geography
13. In the Ajayi motto, all things are expected to be done with moderation except what?
Ans: Study
14. Who is Mr Barker?
Ans: He His headmaster and Mr Faircliffe’s old colleague
15. What reminds Tayo of his mother in the Barkers’ house?
Ans: Isabella cooks wonderful meals in a way that reminds Tayo of his mother
16. Christine was in her third year of study when?
Ans: Tayo met her for the first Time
17. What is Vanessa Richardson’s nationality?
Ans; English
18. What is the name of the friend that Vanessa wrote a letter to, concerning the status of women?
Ans: Jane
19. The full meaning of JACARI is?
Ans: Joint Action Committee Against Racial Inequality
20. What are Christine’s reasons for putting an end to her relationship with Tayo?
Ans: Because she was called ‘clingy’ and the fear of her boy being snatched by some woman.
21. The language of fun among Tayo’s Nigerian friends is ?
Ans: Pidgin
22. What are the things that made Tayo remember home each time he is at Christine’s place?
Ans: Her cooking which reminds him of mama and the juju and highlife music she plays
23. What is the trait that Nessa cherises in Tayo and that is absence in Charlie and Mehul?
Ans: Humility
24. In Tayo’s opinion, what are the root causes of oil corruption and a broken civil service in Nigeria?
Ans: Greed and mismanagement
25. In what university was Tayo offered a job?
Ans: Birmingham University
25. Who is Miriam?
Answer: Tayo’s wife
26. Whose diary did Tayo discover in his study?
(No answer)
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27. Why is Miriam loved by Tayo’s family?
Ans: She nursed Tayo’s father with care when he had stroke
28. Whose house is described as ‘Beauty in the Heart of Darkness’?
Ans: Uncle Kayode’s house
28. What is the name of the local artiste that took Tayo to the village?
Ans: Akin
29. What led to the closure of universities?
Ans: University students protest
30. For what reason is Tayo Opposed to leaving the country?
Ans: He Wanted to wait and help his students
31. In order of occurrence, what are the challenges Tayo faced that made him reconsider leaving Nigeria?
Ans: The broken pipe, his house boy’s leave of him, his disappointment in the Foundation
and threats to his life.
32. What was his purpose of planning to travel to New York, even though he eventually could not?
Ans: To receive an award for his book
33. Why did Simon arrange a meeting for Tayo and whom did he hold it with?
Ans: To help in the possible funding of Tayo’s university
34. What was the outcome of the meeting?
Ans: Disappointment
35. Who challenged Tayo on the road on his way home?
Ans: The soldiers
36. What reason did the soldiers give for bringing Tayo home?
Ans: They said Tayo had an accident while driving recklessly
37. What circumstance led to the death of Nessa’s mother?
Ans: Cancer
38. What killed Tayo’s father?
Ans: Stroke
39. By what means did Tayo’s mother die?
Ans: An accident
40. How many years of marriage did Nessa and Edward celebrate at their wedding anniversary?
Ans: 18 years
41.Tayo was offered a job by ____ University in England but turned it down
√a) Birmingham
b) Oxford
c) San Fransico
d) Cambridge
42.Yusuf warned Tayo about his
√ a) criticism of the government
b) alcohol addiction
c) inability to take care of his family
d) loss of interest in organized religion
43. How did Tayo meet Miriam?
a) at a Chinese Restaurant
b) at the University he taught
c) Miram was his family househelp
√d) Miriam was the nurse that attended to his father
44. When Tayo told Kemi of his first visit to the Aureol, Kemi thought the little girl Tayo saw was
a) Vanessa
b) Sister Bisi
√c) Miriam
d) Joy
45. Aunty Bayo was
a) Tayo’s cousin
√b) Uncle Kayode’s first wife
c) Tayo’s father’s last wife
d) Miriam’s sisters
46. Uncle Kayode married Helene in
a) 1963
b) 1984
√c) 1974
d) 1990
47. ____ took Tayo to meet his uncle ____
√a) Akin, in Atan
b) Bayo, In Ibadan
c) Samir, in Ibadan
d) Yusuf, in Aja
48. In 1984, Tayo was Chair of the department of
√a) History
b) PPE
c) literature
d) Law
49. Ike worked in
a) a petroleum company
b) the Ministry of Agriculture
c) the British Administration
√d) the Ministry of Education
50. Why was Tayo unable to talk with the Old man he went to visit the second day he arrived?
a) he was tired and needed to rest
b) the old man had died
c) he felt he still had enough time later √d) he was besieged by visitors all day
51. The old man Tayo met started work with Lord Lugard in
a) 1914
√b) 1912
c) 1942
d) 1960
52. The old man Tayo met had in possession Lord Lugard’s
a) official seal
b) Potrait the press did not have
c) favorite glasses
√d) official robe
53. How many nights had passed by the time Tayo left the Old man’s place?
√a) three
b) two
c) four
d) just one night
54.What was the cause of Tayo’s mother’s death?
a) heart attack
b) undisclosed illness
c) Gun shots
√d) Car accident
55. Where did Simon suggest that they (him, Tayo and their two girlfriends) spend Easter?
Ans: Paris
56. Christine died by?
Ans: Suicide
57. Why did Tayo feel guilty about Christine’s death?
Ans: His refusal to respond properly to her letters and not giving her attention
58. Who is the only family Tayo has in England?
Ans: Tunde
59. Why does Vanessa’s father detest Uncle Tony?
Ans: To him, he is unconventional to him and because he had the opportunity of achieving a place at Cambridge University which Vanessa’s father didn’t have
60. What qualities did the narrator ascribe to Nancy?
Ans; She is being described as having a ‘supercilious (arrogantly proud) tone and feigned generosity’
61. What made Tayo realise how lucky he was for getting a scholarship at Balliol?
Ans: He witnessed the life of struggle most African students live, engaging in ridiculous and exhausting jobs such as bakery and hospital work to make ends meet
62. What do the signs: “No Dogs, No Irish, No Coloureds’’ (Africans and Indians) symbolise in the novel?
Ans: Racism
63. The least strenuous work was reserved for whom?
Ans: The English
64. Where was bathing done since there is no bathroom in Tunde’s house?
Ans: Kitchen (in tins) or public baths.
65. For what purpose(s) did Tunde throw a party in his house?
Ans: For Tayo and to celebrate Gambia’s independence
66. ‘’Nigerian women are the best’’ who said this?
Ans: Yusuf
67. Whose wedding did Tayo and Vanessa attend?
Ans: Yusuf’s
68. Joyce was expected to be the bride, but the bride turned out to be whom?
Ans: Joy
69. ‘’What was the outcome of the meeting?
Ans: Disappointment
70. Who is Dele?
Ans: The village drunk
71. What circumstance led to the end of Tayo and Vanessa’s relationship?
Ans: Tayo impregnated a woman
72. In this narrative, Nessa’s dreams as portrayed by the writer are…?
Ans: Writing about African art and culture
73. Who is Salamatou?
Ans: A single mother of half-caste Sulaiman
Now that we have the most likely questions from the In Dependent, we can now now discuss other important parts in this novel that were not talked about here.




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